Month: February 2022

epilepsy and anxiety disorder

How do you treat epilepsy and anxiety disorder?

Epilepsy and anxiety disorder: Stress is a compulsory human emotion that is designed to alert you to potential dangers and

How serious is an Irregular Heartbeat?

How serious is an Irregular Heartbeat?

Irregular Heartbeat: An arrhythmia is a heart condition that is often known as irregular heartbeat. In this condition, an individual’s

Cataplexy narcolepsy syndrome

What is Cataplexy narcolepsy syndrome?

Cataplexy is a sudden loss of voluntary muscle tone triggered by strong emotions such as laughter. It is most commonly


Best antidepressant for weight loss

What happens if normal person takes Antidepressants? A warning after research on monkeys found that antidepressants may alter the brain

differences between Dilaudid and Percocet

Dilaudid and Percocet: Differences between these Opioid Analgesics

Dilaudid and Percocet are both Potent prescription opioid drugs. Opioids are a group of pain-reducing solid medications, which also include

differences between Generic and Brand name drugs

Generic drugs and Brand name drugs: Which is most effective?

When medicine is discovered, the manufacturing company applies for patency to prevent other pharmaceutical companies from producing or selling the