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Xanax For post-traumatic stress disorder

How does Xanax help to treat post-traumatic stress disorder?

What is post-traumatic stress disorder? Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a treatable anxiety disorder that affects around one million Americans

Top 10 antidepressants for anxiety and panic attacks

Top 10 antidepressants for anxiety and panic attacks

Antidepressants for anxiety and panic attacks: Depression is a mental state that starts most often early in adulthood. It is


Best antidepressant for weight loss

What happens if normal person takes Antidepressants? A warning after research on monkeys found that antidepressants may alter the brain

differences between Generic and Brand name drugs

Generic drugs and Brand name drugs: Which is most effective?

When medicine is discovered, the manufacturing company applies for patency to prevent other pharmaceutical companies from producing or selling the


Anxiety and Depression: The Difference and Similarities

You must have heard the terms depression and anxiety occasionally in your daily life. But how much do you know

Health Anxiety

Dealing with Health Anxiety during the COVID-19 Pandemic

What is Health Anxiety? Health anxiety is an obsessive and usually unreasonable worry about suffering from severe medical positions. It

Bipolar disorder medications

Bipolar Disorder Medication

What is Bipolar disorder? Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that includes extreme mood changes. People with bipolar disorder can

Insomnia disorders

Insomnia disorders: Types, Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

What are Insomnia disorders? Insomnia disorder is among the most common sleep disorder that makes it difficult for a person