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disruptive behavior disorders

Disruptive Behavior Disorders in Childhood

Disruptive behavior disorders or DBD can severely impact a child’s daily life. Children with this disorder exhibit ongoing patterns of

Sedatives and Hypnotics Drug-Sleep Disorder Medications

Sedatives and Hypnotics Drug-Sleep Disorder Medications

Sedatives and hypnotics work on the central nervous system to aid sleep, relieve anxiety, or have a calming effect. The

epilepsy and anxiety disorder

How do you treat epilepsy and anxiety disorder?

Epilepsy and anxiety disorder: Stress is a compulsory human emotion that is designed to alert you to potential dangers and


Best antidepressant for weight loss

What happens if normal person takes Antidepressants? A warning after research on monkeys found that antidepressants may alter the brain

differences between Dilaudid and Percocet

Dilaudid and Percocet: Differences between these Opioid Analgesics

Dilaudid and Percocet are both Potent prescription opioid drugs. Opioids are a group of pain-reducing solid medications, which also include

differences between Generic and Brand name drugs

Generic drugs and Brand name drugs: Which is most effective?

When medicine is discovered, the manufacturing company applies for patency to prevent other pharmaceutical companies from producing or selling the

Insomnia Statistics

20 Surprising Insomnia Statistics You Should Know

Overview of Insomnia Statistics Everyone is aware of how a good night’s sleep is useful to both physical and mental

Insomnia disorders

Insomnia disorders: Types, Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

What are Insomnia disorders? Insomnia disorder is among the most common sleep disorder that makes it difficult for a person